Girl (7) dies in the care of border police USA

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SANTA FE – A seven year old girl from Guatemala to exhaustion and dehydration death, while in custody of the U.s. border patrol. The girl was with her father as part of a group of 163 immigrants who are illegally the border crossing between Mexico and the United States.

Border police of El Paso, near the bridge of Santa Fe.

According to the Washington Post, stayed for the girl for eight hours at a shelter by the border patrol in Lordsburg, New Mexico, when she had convulsions. Her body temperature was over forty degrees. She was transferred to a hospital in El Paso, where she died.

Normally, migrants at entry in the shelters medically examined and given food and water. If that has happened now is not known. The newspaper quotes a statement from the U. S. Customs and Border Protection that the girl, according to witnesses, several days not eaten or had drunk.

Civil liberty organisations point have a lot of criticism on the conditions in the shelters. The last few months, the centers overrun by families with children seeking asylum in the United States.

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