FOUR goes last interview of Van Rossem retransmit

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Last night died, Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. He was 73 years of age. On the occasion of his death, FOUR of his last television interview tonight re an integral broadcasting.

Television producer Peter Boeckx about he added: “I’ve seen him in recent years know as a bad boy with a very big heart. Behind his façade was a sensitive and above all, a unique soul. He has his own way the history of our country colour. It was an honor to be his last will and testament to sign for the Flemish television. ”

Enfant Terrible, beursgoeroe, meesteroplichter, economist, politician, writer, painter, genius, and rebel.

Jean-Pierre Van Rossem is kicking it with a lot of swagger, guts and a big mouth to one of the most discussed figures of the past decades. A fleet of ferrari’s, castles, a megajacht, tens of millions of dollars and a lot of feminine beauty. Van Rossem has it in the eighties and nineties, all.

With his beursbeleggingbedrijf Moneytron he claims to have a mathematical system with which the stock market can be predicted. Scams of the purest kind, so judging the judges. But Van Rossem made a huge profit. He had to say about almost $ 900 million.

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