Foreign investor comes in at Twente

8f534abef6df2b10249524bf4b2570d4 - Foreign investor comes in at Twente

Paul van der kraan

At his presentation in Enschede asked Van der kraan, that FC Twente is not the example of Vitesse, Fortuna Sittard, FC Den Bosch will follow.

“That is an impossibility. It is one of the things we, in detail, have had with each other. FC Twente of Twente of Twente. That we are not going to change.”

“The situation is also different than, for example, Vitesse or Fortuna. If you are in the region itself not the support will get then you are forced to look further. FC Twente is in the happy circumstance, that there is a very large base of support”, says Van der kraan, who, despite the revival of his current club FC Den Bosch under Kakhi Jordania decided to respond to the call from Enschede.

“FC Twente is in my eyes the number four of the Netherlands and FC Den Bosch is somewhere in between twelve and thirty. The choice is not so difficult.”

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