Famke about Ronnie: “Yes, we have a relationship’

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On the question of whether they are together, she replies: “Yes. The clip says enough”, after which they mysteriously laughs at RTL Boulevard. After some despair, or they can affirm: “The clip confirms it.”

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Famke and Ronnie ‘confirm relationship with kiss

For months, there is already press speculation or Famke and Ronnie really are together, as they frequently were to be seen in their posts on social media. This was an even greater mystery, after it appeared that Ronnie be father soon will be. At the end of October, he made this news known then it remains a while, a mystery remained who is the mother of the child would be. In november he revealed that Wafae, which is well known as a dj under the name of Wef, in expectation of his daughter.

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