Emotional farewell student to fish sauce died

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Edegem – Family and fellow students take this afternoon, bid farewell to the 20-year-old Sanda Slide last week by an overdose of fish sauce.

That happened during a ontgroeningsritueel of fraternity Reuzegom. The zoutniveau of the student would be in a torrent are extracted and eventually became the great hoeveeelheid sauce him, even fatal.

The funeral of the students ’civil engineering’ is massively visited. Especially young people and students came to their support. Also outside the church, there was a great bustle, writes het Nieuwsblad.

Justice is investigating the death of the student. The indictment is increased to ‘degrading treatment’.

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Sanda had during the baptism, which took place in a log cabin in Vorselaar, a large amount of fish sauce to drink as a part of the declining birth rate. In the meantime, the fraternity disbanded.

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