Concert of LP in Brussels in less than an hour sold out

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On Saturday 4 may, the New York singer-songwriter Laura Pergolizzi, known under the stage name LP to La Madeleine. After they earlier at Les Ardentes and Ronquieres Festival was and the Royal Circus in Brussels sold out, also flew the tickets for the concert in La Madeleine the door. The concert went this morning at 11 am in sales and was after less than an hour already completely sold out.
LP has all of four sublime records to her name: ‘Heart-Shaped Scar’ (2001), ‘Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol (2004), ‘Forever for Now’ (2014) and ‘Lost On You’ (2016). With the monsterhit ‘Lost On You’ from her eponymous fourth album she conquered the whole world and also in Belgium, she pulled the top of the charts. On Spotify, she has this hit more than 139 million Spotify streams and YouTube more than 226 million views.
Since last week Friday, they have a new album to the list add: ‘Heart to Mouth’. On her fifth plate, she throws literally all her cards on the table and fears them no theme: love, lust, fear, insecurity, infidelity, regret and redemption, they pass all the revue. – No filter, no censorship, and no bullshit. on 4 may, she says her latest album ‘Heart To Mouth’ live for.
The album ‘Heart To Mouth’ was immediately nominated as one of the albums of the week in The Morning: “The songs do razor-sharp and compact, with love for the sixties and arranged with a lot of passion sung. Pergolizzi sounds now as Stevie Nicks, again as Neko Case or, when they strotsluizen widened, as Cyndi Lauper.”

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