Commission publishes prepare for no deal

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The European Commission will on 19 december all the documents to make public that they are prepared for the case that no agreement is reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union on a orderly Brexit on 29 march 2019. That made commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Friday morning known after the end of the European summit on the Brexit. The publication illustrates that the Commission and the European Union, more and more take into account such a disaster into a no deal.

Juncker also made clear that the British prime minister, Theresa May should not count on a ‘legally binding document that the European Union new obligations would impose in connection with the backstop. That is the assurance that there is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and that peace is not compromised. The British prime minister would like to see the EU to a binding time limit to paste on the backstop. ‘The problem was that May’s things early that we are not able to give, ” said a senior EU diplomat afterwards.

May is Friday, back to London with two promises that nothing will change to the agreement with the EU concluded in late november. The 27 will make every effort to by 31 december 2020 – the end of the transitional period – an arrangement for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland so that the backstop is not to be activated. If that is still not promise the 27 that they will do all they can for the duration of the backstop as fast as possible. Juncker be taking on the responsibility of the British in order to succeed: ‘It is necessary that also the British government a clear picture of what they want.’

‘Never enough’

These commitments are going to almost certainly not far enough to the critical Conservative members of parliament in London to reassure that the United Kingdom is not locked it will remain in the backstop , and thus the customs union with the EU, which the no trade agreements with third countries would be able to shut off. But Juncker noted – in his typical manner – that ‘it is difficult for the state of mind of the British mps to understand. There is an impressive arsenal of diverse opinions’.

It is not excluded that the European leaders in January once the heads together and stitches, shortly before the decisive vote in the British parliament. But within the EU, faith is gone that they really can weigh on what happens in London is. “Even if we May give something, it will never be enough,” said another diplomat still. The Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz responded so to the question of what the brexiteers in London and across the line you could draw: ‘That is difficult to assess, because many skeptics do not argue in a way that is real is rational.’

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