CNS paid Buffy-actress 9.5 million in #MeToo case

82ee79057e6808753deea84db9529d0f - CNS paid Buffy-actress 9.5 million in #MeToo case

Eliza Dushku, Michael Weatherly.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress would her course have done after Weatherly several times sexual comments had been made in the presence of the other cast members and the crew of the series. The actor would have comments made about her appearance, her over his knee have to do as if he were her spanking, and have suggested that they are a trio wanted to take with him and another employee.

According to Dushku, the intention was that they have a fixed castlid of the series would be, in the role of a flame of Weatherly’s character, but she was after her complaints out of the show written. CBS paid her the equivalent of the salary they had received when they spent four seasons in the Bull, had played.


The transmitter has the appointments with the actress confirmed towards The New York Times. In a statement in the newspaper says Weatherly: “During the recordings, I have jokes as a result of the script. When Eliza told me that she is uncomfortable with my use of language and attempt at humor, I was embarrassed tremendously, and I have to apologize offered. I now understand that what I said funny nor appropriate and I’m sorry to have Eliza in pain, I did.”

The actor denies that he had anything to do with the departure of the actress in the series. “As far as I can remember I’ve never been told how they and their work had to do if to accept or dismiss anyone.”

It was not the first #MeToo-the experience of Dushku. Last year she performed with her experiences on the set of True Lies, where, she says, by a stuntman abused. The actress was twelve when that movie worked.

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