Christmas show ’perfect stage’ comeback Jamai

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Due to chronic renal failure had Jamai a new kidney is needed, which he got a few months ago of his brother-in-law. Now the 32-year-old singer “quietly” work on the pick up. “And then this is the perfect stage to return for a moment what to do in terms of vocals.” For Jamai feels “very good” to the microphone to resume. “I’m fitter than ever and I am happy. I sit well in my body.”

All of Holland sings christmas, the wintervariant of all of Holland sings Hazes, Jamai also for another reason perfectly. The singer and presenter is herself a ’kerstjunkie’, christmas tree stands for weeks to shine in the house. “This must be one big christmas party,” says Jamai about the show on the 21st of december. “The idea is that we, as with all christmas coming, a little look back on the past year and maybe a bit of foresight. Importantly, we must celebrate life with z’n all.”


Do Jamai, among others, Karin Bloemen, with whom he made the duet Christmas Without You sings. Karin takes care about the singer. “A nice kerststol I throw it in Jamai, because that is much too slim. That should be a bit of a plot”, she jokes about her duetpartner, that much weight lost as a result of his disease. “I’m so happy for that boy that he helped and that he has a new kidney,” says Karin seriously. “But the downside is, of course, that he is fallen because he was sick, so that should be a little restorative.”

In addition to ” a little bit of restorative’ Jamai even more big plans for the new year. “I’ve just for four years, signed with RTL, so there are a lot of new, beautiful programs. And I will definitely be back in the studio to make music.” Which new songs will also be about the intense months that are behind the singer. “You always writes about the things that you experience. No doubt there will be songs made about the period that I’ve experienced, but especially about the power that I have been given. That your life always in a positive way.”

Also for the further future, Jamai enough dreams. So he has “absolutely” the ambition to be a great private show. “That’s going to really happen. But slowly building.”

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