Christie thank you for the top some day Trump in White House

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WASHINGTON – The American ex-governor Chris Christie does not want a chief of staff in the White House. He gold, according to insiders as the favorite to John Kelly to follow.

President Donald Trump and former governor Chris Christie (r).

President Donald Trump made this month, that the general out of service, Kelly field, cleans up as his chief of staff, but had yet no successor is arranged. That led to a frantic search because his alleged first choice, Nick Ayers, no interest appeared to have. Ayers is currently the chief of staff to vice president Pence.

Now, Christie made clear that he does not preys on the prestigious job. “I’ve told the president said that this is for me and my family not the right time for such a serious post to me to take it,” he says in a statement. The former governor of New Jersey called it an “honor” that he is apparently in the picture was.


The chief of staff of the White House as one of the most powerful persons in Washington. The job appears to be, among Trump, however, some shine is lost. His first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, kept it about a half a year full. His successor Kelly been a year and a half.

A White House spokesman was not that Trump his current chief of staff asks for something longer.

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