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Charleroi dive thanks to two late goals against AA Gent top six again in

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Charleroi has it again geflikt in ‘Mazzu-time’. For the umpteenth time, the team of coach Felice Mazzu in the absolute final phase of a match. This time it was AA Gent will be the victim. Late goals from Victor Osimhen (86th minute) and Massimo Bruno (94th minute) gave Charleroi a 2-0 victory that the team over Gent to the sixth place in the ranking guides.

AA Gent, but on the spot wait. After the thuiszege against Eupen lost in Charleroi in the direct duel for sixth place. After his first two duels is Jess Thorup, there is not more successful in two league games in a row to win. Charleroi is doing thanks to the 2-0 victory haasje over with AA Gent and let the Buffalo’s behind in seventh place, within the range of Standard.

The big problem, and opportunity, at Ghent, the offensive immaturity. Yaremchuk was not in the match, Awoniyi, either. Also Limbombe was not sharp. Kvilitaia will come out soon sidelined by injury, but in January absolutely offensive buff. AA Gent also had two suspensions to deal. The 20-year-old Thibault De Smet came for the first time this season in action, as a substitute of Asare. The absence of Verstraete was taken care of by the society to rearrange. Odjidja dropped in a row and Andrijasevic came on to the ten the.

Possession of the ball for the city, danger of Charleroi

AA Gent took a good start, with possession and dominance, but that was partly because Charleroi permitted. The Karolo’s prick like a egelstelling. The ball possession was for AA Gent, the most dangerous phases for Charleroi. The home team waited on the flaws of the Inhabitants, and they were there also. It resulted in a every opportunity after a quarter of play. First placed Perbet a ball just next after Bronn and Odjidja the ball had gone, then it was Kalinic with a beenveeg Oshimen of a goal, the Nigerian had two man in the wind and later clutched the Ghent goalkeeper and a header from Zajkov.

There is the VAR again

AA Gent will put one really good doelpoging opposite: Odjidja took a dropping ball on the shoe. Yaremchuk popped in for Penneteau after pass of Chakvetadze, but was flagged for offside. For the rest, there was a confusing moment when a Fisherman by the VAR to the screen was called when Ghent eager for a free kick to take. That was after a few minutes delay will be cancelled and Yaremchuk got instead of yellow for a battle on Zajkov. Fisherman found the no red.

Without opportunities you can’t get a race win. By the recovery of Odjidja of the ten to the eight seemed AA Gent penetrating power sacrificing. Andrijasevic was quite ill and would be just past the hour can also be changed. Ghent had to rest a quarter of an hour to reflect.

Charleroi was anything better out of the dressing room. Apparently found Mazzu that AA Gent still very much had possession. AA Gent looked less balvast. The VAR remained active. Visser pulled to his ear, but there was no follow-up. A cross from Dejaegere was blocked by the arm of Nurio. The VAR was evidently not that there was voluntary handplay.

On the hour had Yaremchuk the best Ghent chances with his feet. The Oekraïner insisted good the penalty area inside, dribbled Penneteau, but put the ball poorly within the range of Dessoleil. Was the ball at the free-standing Andrijasevic hit, then he hung against the nets.

Efficiency counts

After the change of Andrijasevic tried Thorup with Chakvetadze central, Limbombe on the right and Dejaegere on the left. A lot of improvement that brought not. For the last twelve minutes, threw Gent his last trump card on the table: Awoniyi came Yaremchuk redeem. Well, yes asset, the Nigerian had already since the end of september no longer scored and brought no change.

Charleroi has a scoring striker in the ranks. The Nigerian Oshimen set with five minutes to go a long ball from Bruno coldly next to Kalinic. Substitute player Bruno was in the castle itself, the 2-0. AA Gent can only dream of so much efficiency.

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