Canadian miners find reuzendiamant

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In Canada, miners a diamond of 552 carat found. That is the largest ever in North America was discovered.

The stone was found by employees of the Dominion Diamond Mines and the Rio Tinto Group in the Diavik mine in the harsh north of Canada. The stone – a yellow copy – measure about 33 to 54 millimetres and is three times larger than the largest hitherto found in Canada. The Diavik-mine where the gem was unearthed, it was has often the quality of stone delivered, but that are usually a pack smaller than the stones used for example in the South African mines. Although: in 2015 was in the Diavik-mine the Foxfire found, a stone of 187,7 carat.

This stone is of excellent quality and can certainly be used for jewelry. About how much exactly he is worth, it is still not a lot published. That will depend in large measure on how he can eventually edited and sharpened. But that it is in the millions, will is certain. The earrings with the two cut diamonds from the smaller Foxfire were achieved, went under the hammer for 1.3 million dollars.

It is the seventh largest stone in this century discovered, and would, according to news agency Bloomberg in the top 30 of all time. The largest diamond ever, the Cullinan, a stone of 3.106 carats in 1905 in Pretoria, South Africa was found. That was in different stones cut. The two largest, the Great Star of Africa and Lesser Star of Africa, were included in the British crown jewels.

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