Bon Bini 2 strong out of the starting blocks

d2b48c4b716e3c39ce08f16a64fafb42 - Bon Bini 2 strong out of the starting blocks

With the high number of visitors, beats Bon Bini 2 the popular movie of vlogger Dylan Haegens, which last August opened with 12.540 visitors. It is also the best opening of a Dutch film since the release of Soof 2 from 2016.

The first part of Bon Bini attracted nearly 10,000 visitors on the first day. In total, more than 555.000 people to the film in the cinema. The expectation is that the Bon Bini 2 that are going to outperform. The second part focuses in more cinemas. Also running there is a German subtitled version what for additional performances.

In Bon Bini Holland 2 decision Noella, the girlfriend of Robertico (Asporaat), to a “time-out” in their relationship to welding. It turns out that they have a crush on another, the ideal son-in-law, Christiaan. Robertico goes out to his friends advice on how he the heart of Noella back to win.

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