Arrest warrant against ’faith healer’ Brazil

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BRASILIA – The Brazilian authorities have an arrest warrant issued against a famous ’miracle man’. The 76-year-old João Teixeira de Faria would be on a large scale female patients sexually have abused.

The “spiritual healer” João Teixeira de Faria.

Hundreds of women accusing The Faria of sexual misconduct. He grew in 2013 to an international celebrity when Oprah Winfrey in one of her television programs pay attention to him, spent. Now he is the linchpin in what, according to prosecutors, the largest misbruikzaak from the history of the country.

“More than 230 women have us by e-mail contacted, and a further 50 by phone,” says prosecutor Luciano Miranda. They come from Belgium, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Bolivia. Women say sexually abused when they were by The Faria showed treat.

Each year there are hundreds of thousands of people with him on the sidewalk for a healing. A lot of celebrities walk out the door flat when ’Jan’. The first treatment is free, but João writes always for medications for. Of course, the cash register than ring for the Brazilian.

Dutch choreographer

The man, known as ’John of God’, ran since 1976, a spiritual hospital in Abadiania. Last week told some of the women, among whom the Dutch choreographer Zahira Lineke Mous, on television, that they by the miracle worker are raped. Since then, regent’s allegations.

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