ADO is looking for something to hold on to Falkenburg in the striker

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Erik Falkenburg trumps Jordy Tutuarima of The County.

The coach, who is Tom Beugelsdijk late returning to the base, means provisionally well-paid specialists at the bank for the versatile Falkenburg. A naturally attacking midfielder that the spitspositie also can fill, he proved earlier in his career. After three basisplaatsen and six games, to score this season, he is still dry. “You have three strikers, so you have a choice to make,” says Groenendijk now. “If you have someone give them a chance, and that is now Erik, do you want that for a few races. In the situation where we sit (ADO stands twelfth, eds.) you also want your grip to create.”

Necid is after nine basisplaatsen and one goal in the reserve, while Zhang after his participation in the Asian Games and an ankle injury also not further than two games, to score. “Not only will you have the pointed put, it is something for the whole team, that is difficult creates opportunities,” says Groenendijk.

El Khayati

Nasser El Khayati, who in nearly all ADO-goals was concerned, is so significant that he as a by the team roaming the magnet to the other players works. They know that he is the man of ideas and solutions, and deliver everything to him. While El Khayati with a balvaste striker close to the goal, probably more often in scoring position.

“That’s often what a team is born, that boys Nasser now search more because of his doelpuntenaantal”, see Groenendijk. “But ultimately the striker, who is, of course, the terminus. We are still not really well managed.”

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