Wrong Friend Jeron Dewulf has a new love

f89f0737a395ffb25e2e75956b24c686 - Wrong Friend Jeron Dewulf has a new love

‘False Friend’ Jeron Dewulf (44) and ex-Ketnet wrapster An Jordens (42) are a couple. Confirm that the two on Facebook, and The Newspaper discovered. Dewulf is best known for his verborgencameraprogramma ‘False Friends’ with Begijn le Bleu, Thomas Smith and Steven Goegebeur. He currently works mainly as a stand-upcomedian and he is shown in the retransmissions ‘Devil’s Advocate’ on Q2. Jordens was from 1998 to 2005 to work at Ketnet, presented then for FIVE and Vitaya and acted in the telenovelle ‘Emma’ on One. She now works for Hotel Hungaria, the production company behind the ‘Daily Cost’.

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