Who crown to Robinson in 2018?

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Robbe, Nele and Arnaude. These three Robinsons overklasten but less than fourteen expedition members. After 33 days on a desert island, full of hardships and hunger and puts an end to their expedition. They fight from whom the title of Robinson 2018 and 25,000 euros deserves.

Robbe is very strong in individual trials. He won all three, but has still nerves. “I stand here facing two strong ladies.” Robbes weak spot is Arnaude, because they could him only two times to beat. “Already, says my feeling that I, perhaps, will lie.”

Nele won just one test, but kept it purely on the character as long. They could never count on the food and the comfort of winnaarseiland. “I have nerves because I do not want less than the other two.”

The finaleproef is next level. The three Robinsons will need all their talents and latest forces use to get each other off. Thinking, balance, strength and tactics. Robbe has more power than the two ladies, but there is also such a thing as willpower. And there are Arnaude and Nele not weaned.

That the Expedition the participants exhausted and emaciated, is clear. That proves to be the mirror that lets Bartel the finalists after 33 days surprised. But also mentally, they are not the same. “In daily life, I don’t feel that I stood out pitch,” says Robbe. “But here, and that makes a huge virtue!”

Final is a special island council with a band of fallen expedition members to decide who to Robinson 2018 may crowns and with 25,000 euros to house flies. The Arnaude, Nele or Robbe?

Check out the finale of Expedition Robinson Thursday to 20u35 on FOUR or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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