Thicke and Williams have miljoenenvergoeding to pay for ‘Blurred Lines’

d139b616f59b884bf140d0146eaa173d - Thicke and Williams have miljoenenvergoeding to pay for 'Blurred Lines'

In the U.s., California is the many years of plagiaatzaak around ‘Blurred Lines’ bad past for musicians Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. The two together have a small 5 million dollar (4,39 million euros) to pay damages to the relatives of Marvin Gaye.

The legal battle around the popular but controversial issue dragged on for to since 2013. The relatives of Marvin Gaye dragged Thicke and Williams when the court, with the assertion that “Blurred Lines” was copied from “Got to Give It Up’, a hit from Gaye’s 1977.

Two years later, in 2015, the family of Gaye for the first time, but Thicke and Williams went in appeal. In march of this year was that appeal, however, rejected: the duo was, therefore, guilty of plagiarism. The judgment was, however, this week, finalized.

From the text of the final judgment it appears that the two musicians good money to pay to the family of Gaye to compensate for ‘Blurred Lines’. Their production company, More Water From Nazareth must pay a compensation for damages of 2.8 million dollars or 2,46 million euros. Thicke himself, in turn, 1.7 million dollars (1.49 million euros) to impose, the share of Williams is once again 357.630 dollar (314.340 euro).

That brings the total of 4,98 million dollars – equivalent to 4.38 million. A hearty amount, but only a fraction of the 16.6 million dollars (14,59 million euros) that the two were already the song has earned. That’s where it ends, however: in the future, need to 50 percent of all proceeds from the hitnummer to the family.

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