The Is: ’Everyone can enjoy’

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Matthijs de ligt

Both teams knokten with three goals and one red card to a draw (3-3) in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Even though Ajax by the tie second in group E of the Champions League and should take into account on a tough opponent in the eighth-finals, The Is that Ajax can be proud of. “Already dominated at the moment the disappointment,” he said to the camera, Veronica.

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“We have full of passion, played and are well behind the come back”, was The Is. “The only pity is that we have the lead so given. Certainly the 3-2 we give away too easily. But we have shown that we have the Bayern difficult.”

The Is admitted that Ajax would prefer to first in the group had become. “Now we are second, but we have zero matches lost in the Champions League. We should be proud.”

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