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The history of Bitcoin and co.

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A decade ago, published by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous-at-heart, developers of Bitcoin, a Paper with the title Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System“. For those who have not followed the Events in the crypto-world from the beginning, this article is a Timeline with the main events of the past few years until today.

The Beginning

18. August 2008 the domain name has been registered . In the same year, on 31. October, was published, the Bitcoin Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous personality or group of persons.

The inventor of Bitcoin

Left: Dorian Nakamoto – one of the last messages from Satoshi: I am not Dorian Nakamoto

The first Bitcoin transaction

The 10,000 Bitcoin for a Pizza

The first attack

The Competitors

Bitcoin in the headlines

Bitcoin on TV

Coinbase is founded

The first Bitcoin vending machine is placed

Microsoft accepts Bitcoin


These two years of currencies for the Crypto extremly important. Many regulators, governments and financial institutions began to take the topic of crypto-currencies seriously.

In the year 2017 of the Bitcoin climbed to almost 20,000$. As the price began to rise, began, more and more financial companies to keep an eye on the Bitcoin. Stock exchanges, companies such as CBOE and CME Group, have both launched in December 2017 your Bitcoin Futures.

Bitcoin worth more than Gold

The Bitcoin rate for the first time in four digits

A new low for the year


In the year 2018 crypto-currencies won donors becoming more and more legitimacy in Law and financial firms. For example, the government of Ukraine has launched a state policy to legalize Bitcoin and for the precise administration and Monitoring of the Fintech sector, as part of a new public policy, of the Ministry of economic development and trade. The process can take up to three years, but in the end, companies that specialize in digital Assets would be a legal part of the land market. In December, the Bitcoin was a new low for the year below 4000$.

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