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TenX Update: this Is the starting shot for the moon?

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TenX Update: this Is the starting shot for the moon?

In a recently published Video TenX co-founder Dr. Julian Hosp on four so-called OKR’s (quasi-frame objectives). He presented the four objectives for the short and then went on every single target, and explained whether and how the current state of Affairs is and whether the goal has already been achieved. To debate the for almost a year constantly asked question of “when” cards, so were, among other things, “what cards?”, as well as a renewed attack on the already before the ICO 2017-announced Rewards program, which had to be paid for regulatory reasons, but on ice. But there are other things to….

OKR 1) restructuring

The first framework goal for Hosp & co. a restructuring of the corporate structure the separation of powers rules within the company, to the company, including Sub-enterprises for the future will be better positioning and to be able to the investors of their shares cashed out. Also employees at TenX should be able to acquire shares in a company, to bind this in the long term to the company and their welfare.
In addition, a Supervisory Board (the”Audit Committee” has been introduced), which is a company in the crypto-System is more of a rarity.
Another interesting point is that Hosp disclosed that TenX has enough “cash” to even in the absolute worst-case scenario the company for a further 4 years to keep them alive in order to generate profits.

OKR 2) when cards? Now!

Yes. You read that right. The TenX-credit cards are live again and will be shipped immediately.
Initially, these will be issued to all registered customers in Singapore, before it goes over the Asian region to Europe. The card-buyers in this country will have to wait probably for some time until you are at the range. Even if the Hosp wanted to give you a specific time frame, as estimates, nevertheless, from the second to the third quarter of 2019. Next year at Christmas time, the cards should be worn then, hopefully, again in German wallets. For legal reasons, however, for example, in the United States living persons must be denied access to the cards.

OKR 3) Rewards

The main reason a lot of people in the year 2017 in the TenX issued PAY-Token invested, were promised Rewards payments should be proportionate to the card transactions at all PAY-Bestizer issued.
After these payments had to be postponed due to regulatory reasons, however, for an indefinite period of time, not many people talk well at Hosp and his company, as they felt simply betrayed. To be able to get the Promised Rewards still pay off, the Team from Tenx a new, more suitable Token is determined as the PAY-to generate a Token, the Rewards will then be distributed.
To be also the case ready, the new Token is treated as a “Security,” and that a disbursement of funds is legally cut and dried, it will match the new, completely unspectacular “TENX” called a Token, both the well-known ERC20, as well as the KYC – compliant ERC1462 Standard. KYC – “Know your customer” means, to prevent for example money laundering, TenX about it needs to know who receives the Rewards, so investors will also be their identity, must demonstrate. The KYC process is expected to begin in the next few days.
The new TENX-Token must then “be gecliamt” (required) and 1:1 is to be distributed to all persons who have at the time of the so-called “Snapshots” PAY-Token, on a self-managed address. Date will be the 30.12.18 15 PM German time.
Extremely important is also the point of “SELF-MANAGED”! Investors want to get the TENX must have the private key to your addresses. Exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and co. are off limits!

Whether, when, and where the new Token is then traded, is not yet clear. Statements from the company that is planned to be a trade Token, however, definitely.

If you are asking yourself now, what the PAY-Token exists at all and whether this is now worthless: Julain Hosp mentioned in his Video that the PAY Token as a Utility Token is soon to receive a function, and therefore also a value. It is planned to use the Token as a kind of “loyalty program”. More could not and did not wanted to say in Hosp at the current time, however.


The “Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network” or, in short, COMIT is one of the company TenX developed Second-Layer technology, which is intended to improve the interoperability of block chains and combine them. COMIT to it, for example, possible so-called “Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps”. This means, it is possible to exchange Coins and tokens of different block chains are directly and immediately to each other.
Visibly Proud of the Hosp in his Video describes that the COMIT Team from TenX has now succeeded for the first time, a Swap between a Lightning Channel located in the BTC, and on the Ethereum Blockchain being PAY-Token.
To drive this concept further, other block chains to connect, and to bring the entire crypto-world is a further step forward, TenX, the COMIT-Protocol open-source on .


Pretty much every point of criticism in the past 10-11 months to TenX could create Julian Hosp in his Video now is more or less out of the world. This read also rapidly increase the price of the PAY-Token to be well over 20%. Whether the Token can maintain this upward trend over the next few weeks is still questionable, the fact that probably a lot of people before the 30.12. PAY to buy a good point of reference is, however.

In the past 2 days the price of the PAY-Token increased enormously.

Should be in the new year, both cards are everywhere available, however, and Rewards paid out, this will certainly have positive effects on the two tokens. In addition, it is the only thing that will help the crypto world at the Moment are really more applications. And an application such as a crypto-credit card and Token, the passive income generating on the basis of card sales, especially for the link to the “real world” it’s a great start!

If you want to watch the Video of Julian Hosp itself, we have linked it for you here.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy from. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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