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Swiss Startup shares issued entirely by the Blockchain – Coin Hero

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Swiss Startup shares issued entirely by the Blockchain

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Matthias Nemack –

For the umpteenth time, there is a message to an Innovation with the Blockchain-the participation of the Alpine Republic of Switzerland. What is it about? The Startup Alethena has decided to issue shares via a Blockchain. And this is the only way.

New company uses the Blockchain as a single issue approach

Now it is so far: It is the first company in Switzerland, which is not issuing new shares only with the involvement of the Blockchain as an Alternative variant of the Emission. Other companies, the shares issued in this way, have used the Blockchain in addition to the normal output path. Thus, the systems of the Bitcoin and other Coins can be used. The Swiss consulting firm Alethena is as an innovative Startup, and securities to shareholders that is the only way. According to today’s company announcement almost 40 shareholders in the first step of this idea is impressive and involved, therefore, in the capital increase.

The Basis of the output of the System of Ethereum is

The shares issued related to this measure, which was carried out recently. For the shareholders and your new name share this means that is not a classic Stock portfolio is no longer required. This shows once more, what is the Use of the Blockchain of Ethereum, because this serves as the basis here. The independence of the normal banking systems pays off. Transfers of shares, as well as the trade could, in the future, the success of not only faster but also cheaper. At Startup, the part of the company Equility, is aware that the path is mainly under the legal move points to largely unexplored Terrain. Of course, you are guaranteed to its shareholders as a secure legal framework.

Blockchain stock trading – a faster and safer way

A registration in the commercial register is, of course, also the Swiss Federal office previously had to give the green light. With regard to the rights of shareholders: they have the same rights as investors who have acquired the “classic” ways to share. Exciting is the new approach, above all, that shares can be transferred quickly via the App. This, in turn, could enable companies in the future, a very fast and transparent procurement of equity.

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