Sheryl Crow on stage with Phil Collins

4a6eac8b6058ac164cfaebdf2dc8ccd9 - Sheryl Crow on stage with Phil Collins

The 56-year-old Crow, an icon of American music, and scored hits with All I Wanna Do and Soak Up The Sun. They released nine studio albums out of which worldwide, around 35 million have been sold. In april last year, she published her latest album, Be Myself.

Collins joined fourteen years ago for the last time in the Netherlands. The show in Nijmegen is part of a series of new dates for his tour Not Dead Yet Live 2019. The European tour starts on June 2 in Vienna. Collins does also France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Switzerland, Czech republic and Poland.

“I thought that I silently would retire,” said Phil Collins earlier about his return. “But thanks to my fans, family, and the support of a few extraordinary artists, I have my passion for music and performance was rediscovered. It is time to re-experience. It just feels good.”

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