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Sesame street introduces homeless girl

The creators of the American version of sesame street will have the theme of homelessness is addressed. The pink doll is called Lily, told in a film that her family their house is lost.

For the first time in 49 years has sesame street a homeless doll in the program. According to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind sesame street, Lily ‘to provide help and hope to the many young children in the United States who have become homeless’. The homeless pop must also ensure that the impact of the trauma and the stigma be softened’.

The initiative is in the framework of the project “Sesame Street in Communities”. The goal is to bring relevant social issues into view and children to learn.

Sesame street reintroduces Lily. The pink pop was in 2011 for the first time in the picture. When all had Lily to make sure that poverty is negotiable. She knew not, or evening meal on the table would come when they got home. “We have followed up on her story so that the children in that situation with her can identify, according to Sesame Workshop to CNN.

But what is exactly said? Lily trusts her boyfriend Elmo that they don’t own flat but has “and that her family ‘for a while in different places sleeps”. “We live nowhere,’ said Lily in an online clip. “Sometimes I wonder if we ever again have a home.’

For Lily, it runs good in the episode. She tells later that she and her family again in a apartment going to withdraw.

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