Serie A-club Excelsior-player in sight

98687ef89ee736522549e0866cd932cf - Serie A-club Excelsior-player in sight

Jerdy Schouten is working on a strong season on behalf of Excelsior.

There is a serious chance that the current number twelve of the Series A this winter transfer already and come back for Excelsior. The midfielder has been watched by scouts of the club from Florence.

They are charmed by the player, who is in his first year in the Premier league. At the Kralingers, he is considered a real ‘footballing’ number six, but he emerges as a young player in the top of the datalijstjes in the Premier league when it comes to successful tackles and balveroveringen. It is what him in the reports of the Italians to be a very interesting player.

Pantaleo Corvino, technical manager of Fiorentina, has told Italian media already admitted that Schouten on the list of possible reinforcements, and that representatives of the club several times for him to have travelled to Rotterdam.

Schouten was educated at ADO Den Haag and last summer by Telstar at Excelsior. That explained to him for three years.

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