Sergio Herman is still full of plans

d1f6c09535470e19fec669f211e191b4 - Sergio Herman is still full of plans

Sergio Herman says in conversation with Culinary environment that are culinary and business hunger still not satisfied. He dreams of to ever have a case open to do. The past few years, stamped with success restaurants Pure C, Oud Sluis, The Jane, Blueness and AIRrepublic out of the ground. “Actually, I think cook is still the best of all. I dream for a while of a private kitchen where I make myself again to the stove. Where I blindly cutting board and pepper mill knows”, what it sounds like. “Stars, or points, try I not more. Something I quite my thing can do. One on one with my guests and then in the evening to drive home with the priceless feeling that I people happy to have made.”

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