’Seksduo pyramid was not only’

36f3eae25e3695d3b5e237dede3c2183 - ’Seksduo pyramid was not only’

CAIRO – The Egyptian authorities have two people arrested after a riot was caused over a racy photo on the famous Pyramid of Cheops. They would the man and woman in the image have helped the thousands of years old structure to climb, message, news site Al-Ahram.

The offending photo shows how a Danish photographer and an unknown woman naked on top of each other on the 140 metre high wonder of the world. They also made a video which you can see at night, the building climb. That video is on YouTube already 4.5 million times clicked.

The ministry of Internal Affairs says that in the meantime a man is arrested who works at the pyramid. He had converted almost 200 euros to pay for his services. The authorities arrested a woman who had a mediating role would have played. Climbing the pyramids is strictly prohibited.

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