“Second Canadian arrested by China

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According to the Canadian minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, after the arrest of a Canadian ex-diplomat in China, yet another fellow countryman in the country were arrested and questioned. The tensions between Canada and China to walk on since the arrest of the chief financial officer of the Chinese company Huawei in Canada.

According to the foreign affairs minister beat the Canadian who was questioned yourself alarm. They didn’t want any details lost on the identity of the person, ‘given the delicate situation’.

The Canadian authorities could the husband have not contact. “We are working to determine where he is. We also have the Chinese authorities with information about it is asked, ” says Freeland.

According to the newspaper Globe and Mail would go to Michael Spavor, a Canadian whose company visits organizes to North Korea, among others, for tourists. The man lives in China and would have been involved in the meeting of the American ex-basket ball player Dennis Rodman with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Previously confirmed Ottawa is already an ex-diplomat, Michael Kovrig, was arrested in China. Beijing confirmed the arrest in the meantime, via fax. “We are very concerned about the imprisonment of mr. Kovrig’, says the foreign affairs minister Wednesday.


Officially there is no connection between the arrests of the Canadians and the Huawei case, but observers see a link. China this may, after all, to use as pasmunt for the release of the Huawei-manager, who is suspected of being the U.s. embargo against Iran have been violated. The businesswoman was on Tuesday, by a judge in Vancouver released on deposit.

Freeland stressed on Wednesday that the authorities cannot intervene in the case of Huawei, since this is a matter of justice. Thus they criticised the Us president Trump, who had earlier suggested that he could intervene.

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