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Research FIFA shows that clubmakelaars since 2013 of 1.8 billion euro earned

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Brokers representing the interests of clubs to defend, since January 2013 a sum of 1.8 billion euro pulled away from the football. That published the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA Thursday in an investigation. FIFA went to the study not in the amounts that agents earned.

“Since 2013 were 19.5 percent of the international transfers use a broker”, explained FIFA. “That there are 16.825 on a total of 86.212. At that transitions remained around 1.8 billion euro hanging at the hands of clubmakelaars.”

“The 7.457 clubs who were involved in an international transfer in that period of six years, worked 1.060 clubs at least one time with a broker. From the point of view of the players came 9.652 football players, on the total of 44.913 players involved, in touch with a broker.”

The FIFA indicates that players most often appealed to brokers (at 12.604 transfers). On the second place come the brokers that the new clubs of the players representing at 6,000 transfers). The club where the player leaves, used in 1.489 transfers to a broker. At only 236 transfers (on a total of 86.212) used all three of the parties a mediator.

Since march 2016 must be all the FIFA affiliated members “an annual report of the activity of agents on their territory to pass”. The Thursday FIFA released report is, however, no summary of those reports, but a summary of the information reported in the International Transfer Matching System (ITMS), the regulatiesysteem for transfers of FIFA.

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