Putin: ‘no Paris states, where activists all on fire’

b46572e23345265e434dd5aa500616b1 - Putin: ‘no Paris states, where activists all on fire’

If the Russian police activists to pick up, then they do that ” in the interest of the whole population’. That says, the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Putin received Wednesday during a press conference a few spicy questions about Lev Ponomariov: one of the most prominent and active human rights activists in Russia, which in the cell is. The 77-year-old activist had filed a request with the court to be temporarily released so that he the funeral of Lyudmila Aleksejeva, one of the founders of the Russian human rights movement, could attend. That request was denied.

Inhuman, was one of the journalists that Wednesday got the chance to ask a question about to propose to Putin. “It is clear why activists like Ponomaryov to be picked up,” replied the president. “We want to be here no activities that resemble those of the yellow vests. No Parisian states, where the cobblestone out of the ground torn and then to the agents are thrown and in which activists are all on fire.’

“I will be the judges again at their position, but you must also understand that it is impossible for us to the court in question’, decided to Putin.

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