Protests after adoption of Hungarian ’slavenwet’

1eedfa8451a83908e9f43359422a94eb - Protests after adoption of Hungarian ’slavenwet’

BUDAPEST – Several thousand Hungarians have a Wednesday night in Budapest protested after parliament the controversial ’slavenwet’ of prime minister Viktor Orbán had assumed. According to the law, employers from next year their employees four hundred hours a year overtime. Overtime, they need to additionally take three years to pay.

The protesters, who gathered at the heavily guarded parliament building, called “traitors” and “Orban, go to hell.” Some of the protesters threw objects at the police, who then pepper sprayed.

On Saturday were also thousands of people in Budapest to the streets in protest against the slavenwet and Monday and Tuesday blocked the trade unions roads in the entire country. After christmas want the unions strike.

The parliament, which Orbáns Fidesz party, the largest party, voted Wednesday in regeringsplannen to a new supreme administrative court, which is under the direct supervision of the minister of Justice.

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