Protester Yellow Vests killed in collision

33d383f80efdc7ef58b5ece4a9567014 - Protester Yellow Vests killed in collision

AVIGNON – A protester of the so-called ’Yellow Shirts’ in the South of france Avignon by a truck hit by a car and died. The protester was in the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the height of an exit of the highway and the truck hit a straatblokkade of the protest movement, said the local authorities.

The truck driver is taken into custody. According to French media was the protester 23 years old.

The protest movement of the ’Yellow Vests’ since mid-november anywhere in the country to demonstrate for more purchasing power and against the reforms of the French government. This focus, she regularly roadblocks. In the margin of the protests are already several people to the life to come.

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