Poster pop music festival 2019 complete.

177230ad4c67248499b186719bc449d3 - Poster pop music festival 2019 complete.

After the announcement of eye-catching André Hazes and the arrival of The Romeo’s, Laura Lynn, Father Abraham, Yves Segers, Willy Sommers, John Terra, Luc Steeno, and Lindsay, the organizers of The Schlagerfestival Hasselt three penalty names to their poster. The first is Wim Soutaer, which, thanks to its successful participation in ‘Idol’ became world-famous in Flanders with its sing-along ‘All’. Wim Soutaer: “One time I was verrassingsgast on The pop music festival, a few years ago. A fantastic experience that tasted good. I was also told the organization and who are clearly not forgotten. Next year I make my official full-fledged debut at The pop music festival 2019 and I’m of course looking forward to it.”

Wim Soutaer is not only that, he also brings his Soulbrother-colleague Charles Van Domburg. The blonde god, that still many vrouwenhart pumping, earned his spurs as a singer with The Magical Flying Thunderbirds. Charles gives you goose bumps when he browse in the repertoire of the late Claude François. Charles Van Domburg: “Ever met anyone who is with me on the photo wanted to because they actually thought that I Clo Clo was her big idol. What I’m going to sing at The pop music festival in Hasselt, as always, a surprise. Ah yes, I love it to the people to surprise. Friends call me “a walking jukebox”, but that everyone on and off the stage with me is fun, I can already guarantee it!”

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