Pope dismisses ‘number three in the Vatican’ to allegations of child abuse

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The child abuse betichte Australian cardinal George Pell is no longer a part of ‘the circle of nine cardinals”, the highest advisory body of the pope. Also a Chilean archbishop-emeritus who is embroiled in a seksschandaal had to go.

The 77-year-old Pell was considered to be ‘the number three in the Vatican’. So he was two years ago, in addition to pope’s adviser is also the financial director of the Vatican. In Australia, however, he has long accused of sexual abuse of minors.

Pell got therefore already itself as the financial manager of the Vatican. Now he is also no longer a part of the highest advisory body of the pope. The spokesman of the leader made Wednesday announced that Pell the end of October already written was thank you.

Although Pell all allegations of child abuse denies it, bore the case to the pope for a long time. Pope Francis is under pressure to take a clear position against sexual abuse. In February organised by the Vatican about a summit meeting. Victims of concrete acts of the Vatican, so that abuse no longer is covered.

In addition to Pell was also the Chilean archbishop-emeritus Francisco Javier Errázuriz (85) thank you. He was the focus of a scandal involving the abuse of children in his country. The archbishop-emeritus of Santiago de Chile had in november already announced to want to go.

Posts remain vacant

Also, the Congolese Laurent Monsengwo (79), archbishop of Kinshasa, is no longer part of the circle of nine cardinals. He was because of his high age his office as archbishop of Kinshasa.

The Vatican reports that the vacant posts in the papal advisory body shall not be re-filled. The six remaining priests come from Italy, Honduras, the United States and India.

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