Palestinian gunman kills two Israelis

2500c6d21d6ecb94b4e7907137429cdd - Palestinian gunman kills two Israelis

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian man in the West Bank north of Jerusalem, two Israelis shot dead and two others severely injured.

A man is holding the deceased baby Amiad in his arms Wednesday during the funeral.

The Palestinian got out of his car and then began to people to shoot, reports The Jerusalem Post. The man has fled. His car is away at the Palestinian city of Ramallah found. The Israeli army is a great quest began, and speak of a terrorist act.

The place of the incident, Givat Asaf, is disputed territory. Israel makes military service.

Last Sunday was a near the jewish settlement of Ofra was also a shooting place. It became seven Israelis wounded.

A woman with a baby in her belly was seriously injured. The boy, Amiad, was then in a state of emergency early out of the belly of the mother, but survived. The baby is Wednesday buried.

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