On the road with Jan and six strong women

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In the second season of On the road with Jan Jan Van Looveren on an adventurous road trip, each time accompanied by a strong woman with a strong story. Outside the borders of their country and comfort zone, they learn their own and each other better to know, on exciting itineraries full of exciting experiences and encounters.

The famous ladies demonstrate, each in their own way are strong: they are open to a challenging journey, they brave the most dangerous roads and they also have a fascinating personal story that they openly dare to tell. Jan shows a different side to see. This sympathetic macho with a peperkoeken the heart succeeds as no other in order to penetrate into who these women really are.

The countries where Jan with the ladies to go draws, are not the least. He travels with Nora Gharib by the onkende and ombeminde Albania defies he and Tina Maerevoet the chaotic traffic in Sri Lanka, he pulls with Lien Van de Kelder offroad throughout El Salvador, he explores with Evi Van Acker the non-tourist area of Vietnam, crosses he with Karolien Debecker at 45 degrees to the Sahara desert and the mountain passes of Morocco and he learns with Dagný Rós Ásmundsdóttir the desolate Icelandic Westjorden know.

In the first episode, Jan with creative centipede Nora Gharib to Albania, a country that – undeservedly – unknown and unloved. The roads are not exactly highways. Nora had only one month of her driving when she is with Jan behind the wheel of the sturdy 4X4, crawled. They had never even abroad ridden. Their journey leads them across steep mountain passes and through river valleys and canyons. But she is a great driver, Jan. A bit too overconfident even, at times. Nora has Jan about her career, her faith and her marriage. When Nora married her high school sweetheart, made for problems at home due to the cultural differences.

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