NPO3 sets spectacular program The Loot for!

ffed5b5c3d263911b75dc7c60b091ba4 - NPO3 sets spectacular program The Loot for!

Ten ordinary citizens from the Netherlands Helvoirt go a remarkable cracking consult with a loot of 80000 Euro. Then they have two weeks out of the hands of a special rechercheteam. Who survives, is allowed to keep the money.

In The spoils of plotting they a heist on a van containing 80.000 euro cash. Is the loot inside then the money is divided and it is every man for himself. Not only must they have their part two weeks hidden managed to keep, she need to move and share them to spend.

Here are the new-fangled ‘criminals’ chased by a team of seasoned detectives. That immediately after the robbery to get started and put everything on the line in order to solve the crime. The more the detectives learn, the hotter it gets the gang members under the feet. These are normal citizens able to cope with the tension and uncertainty that life as a criminal brings with it?

The booty looks a bit like the spectacular and terrifying program Hunted, in which ordinary people are on the move for a rechercheteam
The loot, from Monday 7 January at 20.25 pm on NPO 3

Text: Bart Liekens

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