Mourinho is not happy with United-reserves

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It is the face of José Mourinho to read that he doesn’t like what he sees in Mestalla.

The Portuguese manager allowed a lot of substitutes a chance in the final group competition in the Champions League against Valencia. The second choice lost in Mestalla, however, with the 2-1. Manchester United had the opportunity in order to finish first in the group.

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“I had more of my players to expect that,” grumbled Mourinho. “But players who week in week out asking why they are not in the basis.” He named no names, but referred to no doubt, among others, Paul Pogba, who in the Premier League are starting to lose.

No conviction

“This was for them a beautiful match to play, in a league where everyone wants to be seen. But in the first half we played too passive. There was no conviction and ambition in our game. It was only when I after resting a few bills checked that I didn’t actually want to make, it went a lot better.”

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