Miracle man raped Dutch choreographer

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BRASILIA – The Brazilian police has started a study of a famous faith healer because of sexual abuse. In less than a week’s time have 258 women the miracle worker accused. Among them, the Dutch choreographer Zahira Lineke Mous.

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Zahira Lineke Mous said on Brazilian tv about ’John of God’ that hundreds of women would have been abused.

João Teixeira de Faria became internationally known when Oprah Winfrey in 2013 in one of her television programs pay attention to him, spent. The 76-year-old Brazilian, who called himself ’John of God’, and would with only his hands and without anesthesia life-saving operations. In the town of Abidiânia, not far from the capital, Brasilia, he leads a “spiritual hospital.”

Each year there are hundreds of thousands of people with him on the sidewalk for a healing. Many celebreties walk out the door flat when ’Jan’. The first treatment is free, but João writes always for medications for. Of course, the cash register than ring for the Brazilian.

The Dutch choreographer Zahira Lineke Mous said last week on a Brazilian channel that the Brazilian god forced her had to masturbate. Later, she was even by him being raped. Mous was to him accessed for the processing of a ’sexual trauma’.

Since the Dutch appeared on tv, and there were two hundred complaints from around the world about the healer.

Justice in Brazil investigated earlier complaints against João Teixeira de Faria, but the case could not then hardmaken.

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