Miley Cyrus moves on after forest fires

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“Normally we live in Malibu, but at this time we live in Nashville and we are getting slowly used to it,” says the pop star at SiriusXM . “I think the most difficult thing for both of us now is to go back. A lot of people are now trying to go back to home, people that their home is not lost, but Malibu is now not the same for me.”

When the fire of their home reached, was only Hemsworth at home. He managed to get all the pets to be saved, but all the scriptures of Cyrus with her handwritten texts were lost. “That was the hardest for me to lose, each song, including Malibu,” said Cyrus.

The singer also told about her relationship status with Hemsworth, with whom they have been a knipperlichtrelatie. “I call him my partner, my overlevingspartner. He’s not romantic, but I think it does.”

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