May: should this deal across the finish line pull

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BRUSSELS – “We need this deal to convince.” The British prime minister Theresa May said before the start of the EU summit where they hope to have political and legal guarantees that are sufficient for the British parliament to the brexitakkoord to approve it.

Theresa May.

May was the last day with several government leaders, including prime minister Mark Rutte, on a visit to see how much space there is. Renegotiation is not an issue, but EU leaders are, however, prepared an enlightening text. Therein should be that the EU is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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The British prime minister said is not an “immediate breakthrough” is expected, but will as soon as possible to get down to the last month, with the 27 other EU countries deal deal by the house of Commons. They would, no later than 21 January a vote in the parliament to amend.

In the morning she had already had a meeting with the Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar. “I am grateful for the considerable support of colleagues,” says May. But she also has a “loud and clear” concerns heard. Just as the EU prepares the United Kingdom for a departure without a deal, added May added.

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