Mark Hamill “Star Wars” script, not to take it home

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Mark Hamill, the actor who since 1977 the role of Luke Skywalker played in the ‘Star Wars’movies, has a special unveiling is done. The man should be the scripts from the newest film not to take it home. That way would Disney prevent that information from being leaked, so he says to Entertainment Weekly.

According to the actor, the measures for the now ninth film worse than ever. “They fly the new scripts to our location with someone from the company,” he says. “Then hand them the script and they wait until I’ve read it. Then I immediately return it. Stressful hear,… You, the script can’t even take it home. But yes, that is how the world now works.”

The actor tells how over the years everything has changed. “Now I have my text very quickly from the head to learn. In previous parts I was allowed to make notes, and sometimes parts of the script to take home. In the 70’s gave no one about. Nowadays feel like I for a secret organization of work, such as the CIA”, quips he.

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