LIVE: Hearing Frank Masmeijer about role cokezaak

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As a result of the sudden confession by Frank Masmeijer, during the plea in his own criminal case is denied, he is met by the defence of some fellow suspects questioned about his role in the smuggling of a party of cocaine in the port of Antwerp.

Masmeijer told Friday 30 november that he was certain “a certain decision” has him in the mess. To say that he was a mediator between clients and practitioners. “I’m sorry if I that people in contact with each other have brought,” he said to the judges. Masmeijer insists he has nothing earned to the cokesmokkel and barely knew about it. On an intercepted pallet with bananas was 467 kilos of cocaine, good for 23 million euros.

The court sentenced the cases, showman last year to eight years in prison because he tried to 467 kilos of cocaine from the port of Antwerp to smuggle.

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