Last judgment in the Blurred Lines case

53d98c243665ec7b8eee8ec51942c4b6 - Last judgment in the Blurred Lines case

The musicians should jointly 2.848.846,50 dollars (about 2.5 million euros) to pay. In addition, they must each be a part of their personal income from the number to give. For Robin is that 1.768.191,88 dollars (1.55 million euro), Pharrell and his label are the family 357,630.96 dollar (about 315.000 euros) is payable. Since the lawsuit is already running for years, the Gayes also be entitled to interest up to the value of a small ten thousand dollars.

In the latter judgment it is further recorded that the survivors from now on, half of the proceeds from the rights issue received.

The case of 2015 was one of the largest copyrightkwesties from the music industry. The relatives of Marvin Gaye did the song Blurred Lines, which Thicke a major hit scored in 2013, to look a lot like the song Got To Give It Up in 1984 deceased singer and were right. The two composers had in the first instance, the record of 7.4 million dollars (6.5 million euros) to pay to the heirs-Gaye. In the end it is a sum of 5 million dollars (nearly 4.4 million euro)

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