Last auditions in The Voice of Senior

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Never too old to sing and perform. That should be clear after the passage of the first aged over 60 in the Blind Auditions of The Voice Senior. Flanders sat with 850.000 viewers, good for a 30.5% market share (VVA 18-54, live +4), massive to post to the 12 penalty seniors to cheer. During the first auditiedag could coaches Helmut Lotti, Walter Grootaers, Natalia and Dana Winner each 2 talents bows for their team. On Friday, december 14 they find the missing 2 talents to get to the next round, the Knock-Outs, to go.

Rita (65) from Herzele sings since her 16th, then still under the name Jennifer. Her singing talent gave them to her daughter, Jessy, that lead singer is at the dancegroep The Mackenzie. It was Jessica who her mother enrolled in the program, “She sings at home with so much desire and passion, that I have this opportunity couldn’t pass let it go”. Friday is Rita just on the stage as ‘Rita’ with At Last by Etta James. Mechelina (63, Bilzen) opts also for a number of jazz legend Etta James: Something’s Got a Hold on Me. Sing she does normally, in a group, in her gospel choir. She can also solo her man are on the stage?

Of a professional footballer to karaokezanger: that’s the impressive take-of the 61-year-old James (Oostakker). The Irishman came to Belgium as a professional player at KAA Gent. Helmut, a supporter of the Buffalo, recognizes him immediately: “You have to be in my Panini album been!”. Recently on his 42nd got James the zangmicrobe to tackle after a visit to a karaoke bar. Sharp Dressed Man from ZZ Top is the song with which he and the coaches are trying to address. The oldest male participant in The Voice Senior, French (84, Kuurne). For him it is all about the experience: “This was still on my bucketlist,” he laughs. Previously, he sang often, now only on Sundays in the church. He gets for once again the king of rock and roll himself to the top with “Surrender” by Elvis Presley.

The 61-year-old Miet (Lommel, belgium) to select for the swinging Old Time Rock & Roll Bob Seger. Sing she does not normally on a stage, but in the basement, where she and her band with the aptly named ‘Last Chance’ rehearses. “Singing is my outlet, my therapy,” says the merry 60’there. Also Willy (67, Koekelare) lives for music. Since the years 60, he spends his free time on his band The Rainbows, which he still performs. He chose for his audition for a feelgoodnummer of The Eagles, Take It Easy. There’s an anecdote: “During the concert of The Eagles at the Flanders Expo in 1997, I stood next to Walter Grootaers”.

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