Ladybug comes with solution for Sunday blues

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The bad weather also so tired? No inspiration to take your kids to entertain on Sunday? Disney Channel has the ideal solution! On Sunday, december 16, take the main character Ladybug Disney Channel with a special marathon for her fans and all of this in the ‘Miraculous’-theme. The perfect moment for parents for some qualitytime with the kids.

On Sunday 16 december from 8.30 am to take Ladybug Disney Channel over completely for a ‘Miraculous’-Sunday. On this special day to share Ladybug her favorite episodes with us and there will be a real christmas show. This marathon is the ideal time for parents and children to entertain and to have fun together to Disney Channel to watch. Both girls and boys will have fun! Ladybug is a tough heroine, a role model for girls, and Cat Noir speaks to the boys very much. Fans can episodes discover in a special setting, real images mixed with 3D techniques! A true first for the Disney Channel. Ladybug offers a real experience, and will the fans be able to directly appeal to.

The series takes place in modern day Paris. Ladybug (Marinette) and Cat Noir (Adrien) fighting together against the bad guy, Hawk Moth that their forces want to steal to all the inhabitants of Paris in supervillains to change. Marinette and Adrien know each other’s true identity, but in the ordinary life offers Marinette a crush on Adrien and also Adrien fell in love with Marinette. Next action is also romance not far to seek in the popular Disney Channel series!

Voice so all on Disney Channel for the ‘Miraculous’special on Sunday, 16 december, family fun is guaranteed!

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