Jason Momoa shows his roots back in Aquaman

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“What I’m immediately attracted to the story was the division between the two worlds,” tells the actor to BuzzE. Grew Momoa on between the Hawaii of his father, and the countryside of Ohio, from his mother. “On both sides, there was no diversity. And on both sides they knew nothing of each other’s world. It is good that people are happy in their own environment, that they are proud of where they come from. But because I both have experienced, I know how important it is to have to take a step back and realizing that we are but one world, and together they have to dig.”

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Momoa got the role of Aquaman after he auditioned had done this to another superhero: Batman. That job went to Ben Affleck, but director Zack Snyder asked him him if he was interested in the role of Arthur Curry, better known under his nickname is Aquaman. “He saw the surprise on my face. Aquaman from the comics is a blond, white guy with a green and orange spandex. I thought, ” you have the wrong guy man.”

But when he thought about it, felt He would still make more sense for the 39-year-old actor. “Why would you not be a half-Polynesian guy for this role? This is our culture: we honor the watergoden, we have enormous respect for the sea. It was a brilliant decision.”

Planet Earth

Momoa will find many of his Hawaiian background back in Atlantis from the film. “Our islands were kingdoms, there was before electricity than in the White House. We were Planet Earth. We were self-sufficient, we did not need anything that is not on the island was to be found.”

Although not literally like Atlantis, Hawaii was also sunk, suggests Momoa. “In the meantime, my people are too thick and it is their country, they declined.” Now Aquaman worldwide in the cinemas running and he was in the spotlight, hoping the actor that situation to the attention that can bring. “That is something I want to deal, look at who we were, and the islands are trying to heal from the inside out. That sounds a bit pompous, but that it is not: anyone who its use the mind sees that it can do better, and not only there.”

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