Jason Momoa ready with diet

d26db47758d8dc2fe4db50fb0f95f108 - Jason Momoa ready with diet

The actor found it is great to be themselves in superheldenkostuum to see, but is absolutely not a fan of the diets and workout what there is to advance.

Jason Momoa was completely finished with his diet after he fine the had during the filming of his new movie, Aquaman. The actor is known for his muscular appearance, but confesses that he is no fan of sports or diets. “I had very little food to keep fit,” he tells E! News. “I’m Hawaiian, if we eat, are we just great. Genetically speaking, it’s so hard for me to be thin. I’m also not a big fan of my abdominal muscles a workout. It is difficult, you can’t even drink beer!”

The actor is doing it quietly now with his diet and with his fitnessroutine. “I’ve been 9 months with no weights lifted,” he says. “I just eat bread and butter! Every day is a cheat day! Once I go back to that body, but now? Nah.”

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