Jan Smit furious: action can not continue.

65d2e302badee7bd3172564d0ec5d3f8 - Jan Smit furious: action can not continue.

Theater De Vereeniging in Nijmegen is engaged in a major renovation and cancelt this noodgewongen the act of Jan tonight. Among other things, the safety of the crew that the sound and light should hang, could not be guaranteed.

On Twitter post the singer images of how the location looks. He is ferocious. “I have such a thing in the past 22 years have never experienced. (…) I am finally off of my sore throats, you get this! While I’m here itself, in this case, nothing to do, I want to apologize for all this duped. As my manager Jaap Buijs past, it would say: ’Your head is on that poster, eh…’”

Jan had Saturday for two performances cancel because he had a cold and had a sore throat.

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