Hungarians protest against ‘slavenwet’

9349e3dccbae4c52ade318615a5735d8 - Hungarians protest against ‘slavenwet’

Around 2,000 Hungarians have Wednesday night in front of the parliament in Budapest to protest against a reform of the labour code, which makes it possible for workers every year, 400 hours of overtime perform. Critics speak of a ‘slavenwet’.

The law was on Wednesday approved by Fidesz, the party of prime minister Viktor Orban, who has a large majority in the Hungarian parliament in his hands. Opposition parties had unsuccessfully tried to vote against. They kept the pulpit occupied and jouwden Orban tens of minutes long.

The protesters shouted “traitors, traitors” and ” Orban go to hell’ for the doors of the Hungarian parliament, which was guarded by hundreds of police officers.

A photographer from news agency Reuters saw how a group of protesters at a given moment to a side entrance pulled. Some of them threw there objects at police officers, who then pepper spray and tear gas bets.

It is not the first time that protesters on the streets against the controversial reform of the labour legislation. Last weekend was already the case.

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